America’s Charities

Rick Gondella
Vice President

America’s Charities Corporate Offices
“Quill Communications was on contract with America’s Charities for more than three years, ever since the very first introductions of our federation of charities into the Central Florida marketplace. The initial term for Quill’s services was to be only six months; however, I found the market impact Quill was able to help us consistently make, more than justified retaining Quill for a much longer period of time.

I find the entire staff to be very professional and very efficient. Their knowledge of the local market and their dedication to my success has allowed me to establish America’s Charities as a viable charitable partner to numerous Central Florida employers. Each year’s success has built upon the last, and each year’s success has been superb. Quill has proven to be an excellent media relations expert, a superb meeting planner, a well informed Orlando council, an exceptional copy writer, a savvy negotiator for advertising, including both print and outdoor, an exuberant and honest conduit of information to and from our local charities, and a good friend, too.

Quill’s attention to detail, accurate and timely follow-through, and the results they get for us are what make any project they do for us that much more successful. Quill measures up in all areas, and I heartily recommend them as a superb choice for anyone new coming into the area who wants to be noticed!”