Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, FL

Andres Cibotti
Vice President
Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, FL

“When I became vice president at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, I knew we needed strong Public Relations and Marketing support. I had remembered Sonya from my marketing days with Medieval Times and Planet Hollywood, where she was constantly representing fine hotels and tourism attractions along side us at large trade shows like POW WOW and Florida Huddle. She was an excellent source for the media locally and around the globe- she seemed to know them all. She helped us plan and meet with journalists to help gain us and also her other clients higher positive exposure and reputation through news stories and promotions throughher news contacts located all over the globe. She packaged her clients information superbly, and used it to gain exposure and even to negotiate radio news shows for her clients off the trade show floor.

Because of her work and ethics, Sonya was my choice to help us get up and running our first three years, to properly position our dinner show, Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, for great success. She did not disappoint us.

Her professional council with me, directly, as well as being a consistent and informed support to all of my sales managers, helped Pirate’s Dinner Adventure reach and surpass sales attendance records and forecasted goals at the time, while her efforts greatly increased our profitability.

Her contacts with the press are superb, and she regularly brought in media from all around the nation and the world. She was key to the design decisions for our new logo, our new sales brochure, our web site content and details and on-line marketing.

Quill also proposed and helped design from scratch a new market niche for increased profits – a detailed educational field trip program to schools. Quill had the experts able to link us to the right sources to create a very successful educational program, plus introduced partnership opportunities with us and other interested groups, including the Orange County Regional History Center.

In addition, she also built a program to enhance our internal service staff program, and to upgrade our culinary operations ‘Quality Plus” services to our guests, through her culinary council division. These programs saved us thousands of dollars monthly, kept us within state and federal guidelines, all the while continuing to increase our quality standards.

Truly, Sonya’s extensive expertise and drive to excel for her clients, is a strong asset any company or corporation who is looking for superior agency marketing support would desire.”