Bissett Matheson Communications

Pauline Bissett
Vice President
Bissett Matheson Communications Ltd.

“It was a pleasure to have worked with Quill Communications. Only rarely have we worked with a company which warranted our respect and appreciation from the outset.”

It is never an easy decision to reach out to a firm in another country to represent one of our clients on a project. Yet that is what happened. Being in New Brunswick, Canada, we were in no position to have a working relationship with the media in Florida, and so began our search for a firm which could help us by pitching stories about our client to the media. Fortunately we reached Sonya and were immediately introduced to Quill Communications Inc.

We were exceptionally pleased with the level of professionalism and absolute commitment to client satisfaction Quill Communication’s provided us. Through no fault of hers, Sonya ran into a problem in pitching a specific point of our client’s story to the media. Rather than throw up her hands, she did what any good professional would do – she contacted us, explained the difficulty and worked with us to settle the issue. And settle it successfully, she did!

It is critical that our client’s product (which was being introduced at an international trade show in Florida) be acknowledged through at least one U.S. print or electronic story. Sonya accomplished this and the article was helpful in attracting other stories and articles since. To date, coverage about this client has spanned Canada, parts of the US and Europe.

From our relationship, I would say Quill’s strengths include a strong working knowledge of the media, professional service and excellent client relations. We have no hesitation in recommending Quill, and hope we have the opportunity of working together in the future.”