Trainland Railroad Svcs

Bob Schuster
President & General Manager
Trainland Railroad Services Corp
oration, Inc.
“I knew in an hour after I met Sonya Snyder that we wanted her company to handle our marketing for Trainland. We happened to overbook our time that day we met, and she saw the bright red train engine being delivered to our property during our initial meeting. We were still discussing the opportunity of working together when she said that outside a great news story was happening, and she took it upon herself to begin calling the media contacts she knew and telling them about the delivery of the new engine, and how this related to our upcoming opening.

The result was several TV stations descending on our attraction to cover the event within the hour, plus front-page full cover stories in both the Orlando Sentinel’s local section, and the hotel edition, which goes to an additional 20,000 tourists. We saw our numbers of calls and queries increase as a result, and it really helped kick-off our upcoming museum exhibit opening.

The highly detailed, stylized and expansive 4,400 square foot exhibit features 14 trains and three trolleys which showcase the technological marvels of train travel from the 1920’s to the 1980’s. This museum display is one of the most intricate, to-scale and expansive train track exhibits in the United States. Sonya was very successful for us, and we received many guests who said they heard about us from the numerous news stories seen and read locally, regionally and nationally, as well as through her many promotions, advertising and marketing efforts.

In addition to her incredible results as a business marketer, Sonya is also a friend that I can count on for honesty and integrity. I would recommend her highly to anyone wanting a marketing program which is complete in scope and second to none, Quill’s work is coupled with high ethical and moral standards that I and her other clients, count on.”