CNN, Miami, FL

John Zarella
Bureau Chief
CNN, Miami, FL
“I’ve known Sonya since long before she became Quill. It’s been more than two dozen years now. From the first meeting, it was clear Sonya Snyder was someone with unimpeachable character and a vibrant spirit. Journalists always tend to want the world. Sonya always made it seem possible. She did everything she could to accommodate us and to “make it happen” for us. I don’t call upon Sonya often. But I call upon her when I really need something that I know will be difficult to deliver.

And Sonya is always honest – doesn’t string you along. If she thinks it can be done she tells you. If not, she tells you. And Sonya never leaves you hanging. She gets the answers for you quickly. It helps that Sonya was at one time on this side of the business. She knows deadlines. She knows the importance a journalist puts in timeliness.

One lasting example of this was when I called upon Sonya to help with a difficult story, in the aftermath of 9-11. I needed help finding small businesses in the Orlando area impacted by the tourism slowdown. If there was one person I knew could help, it was Sonya Snyder. She didn’t disappoint. Sonya provided me with more subjects than we could possibly use. It was as usual a pleasure working with her.”