, Inc.

Jennifer Houlihan
Owner, Inc.
“Quill Communications, Inc. was critical in successfully jumpstarting several of my new businesses. As a new business owner, getting the word out about my companys, the experience, and what they can offer, is crucial. Quill Communications continues to work diligently to help me define my business focuses and goals, and to focus on targeting the best markets for my services. Quill even helped create our name, and then tailored our messages to our targeted audiences for best response and bottom line results. Their talent and expertise came through loud and clear when they got me a front and full-page article in the high-profile CFB business section of the daily newspaper. The article went gold – it was also picked up nationally for additional exposure from Chicago to LA, and has resulted in hundreds of business leads plus four signed contracts within the first few weeks after it first came out! We continue to get quality calls, and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Sonya is a joy to deal with and has been truly dedicated to making my entrepreneurial ventures most successful…thanks Quill!”