WJET TV, Eerie, PA

Paul Coatsworth
News and Film Production

I have had the privilege of knowing Sonya Snyder for almost 30 years. We first met and worked together at WJET-TV in Erie, PA. She was one of the most determined and focused reporters that I ever had the pleasure of working with. No story line was too deep for her to explore and she was definitely not afraid to ask the tough questions when necessary. This was balanced nicely by her solid news judgment, which allowed her to know when a question may be out of the realm of good taste or not needed to complete the story. She is the only intern that I’ve ever known who was trusted enough to report on her own, many of her stories being integral parts of the newscast. These qualities are just some that let her stand apart in the field of PR/Marketing. She will doggedly work to get the best results for her clients, leaving no stone unturned to provide them the best possible service. While at the same time, always keeping the pitch in the best possible light to appeal to the consumer.

In addition to our past working relationship, Sonya is a trusted personal friend. I know that I can always count on her and that you will be able to as well.